Sweater Alpaca Knitted x 1200x500
Cape Poncho Baby Alpaca 1200x500
Baby Alpaca Scarf Twist 1200x500
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The Alpaca fiber is one of the finest natural fibers consequently appreciated in the fashion world. For example alpaca sweaters, baby alpaca scarves, shawls and capes are our hallmark.

We begin with raw material of the highest quality alpaca first selection or baby alpaca or baby alpaca and silk blend. The designs are mainly created in-house but also we have many private label clients that bring their designs that are deployed over the garments on a wonderful way thanks to the skills of our artisans.

We work on hand woven knitting where the artisans created each alpaca sweater one by one. The manual dexterity of the knitters allow to shape the garments according strict standards on sizing and the tightness of the knitting. The body, the sleeves and the back are done separately and once all the pieces are finished it comes the fusion of all those parts. This stage is crucial as the finished work should not have any flaw, Our quality control is over 100% of the garments what gives as result a perfect quality that is one of our hallmarks that we are most proud.

In addition of the knitting Alpaca Style has embroidery capabilities what allow to shape any pattern over our alpaca sweaters or flat fabric scarves and ponchos. The embroidery is made manually using specialized machines that guided by an artisan can do any kind of design with no limits of size of the pattern, extension or colors variety.

Our wide range of designs combined with artisans that show their talent on their work is what allowed Alpaca Style to bring for more than 25 years garments to clients all around the world, as example the most well known is the National Geographic/Novica catalog , but our products can be found too, in Canada, EU, Mexico, Australia, Ecuador, Japan, Korea.